Leaders... Get on the Right Side of the Tracks! Support Red Line Rail Expansion

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  • State Senator John Albers
  • State Senator Brandon Beach
  • State Representative Betty Price
  • John Eaves, Fulton County Chairman
  • Fulton County Board of Commissioners
  • Roswell Mayor and Council
  • Johns Creek Mayor and Council
  • Alpharetta Mayor and Council
  • Milton Mayor and Council
  • Sandy Springs Mayor and Council
  • Mountain Park Mayor and Council

If you don’t support MARTA Rail expansion, you’re on the wrong side of the tracks!

Why is it that we can afford $2.4 billion to add ‘express’ lanes up GA 400 but we can’t make a similar investment in transit? If adding lanes is an attempt to cure congestion, how are those extra lanes that were finished in 2007 looking right about now? 

We need options not express lanes. Extending the rail line will give us those options.

Extending the Red Line to Windward Parkway will :

  • Provide the option that commuters desperately need. 
  • Stimulate additional economic development similar to that seen around existing MARTA stations (State Farm, Mercedes Benz, NCR…)
  • Be consistent with what residents and employees in North Fulton want to see, namely rail transit to Windward Parkway

It won’t:

  • Increase Crime – Evidence of significant increases in crime are anecdotal at best and according to a study done on the last MARTA expansion, just plain unfounded.
  • Ruin our Schools – There is no credible evidence that transit impacts school quality.
  • Lower our Property Values – If anything, it will increase property values for the vast majority of properties.

A lot has been said about BRT as an option and it should be considered, just not for the north-south line. It should be considered to provide east-west service from key train stations. BRT is an excellent option when you are building a system from scratch but it will not serve as an effective extension of the Red Line for several reasons:

  • Modal Shift – Switching from bus to train at North Springs would be a ridership killer for riders of choice and would handicap the system from the start.
  • Speed – BRT is slower than Rail and this stretch is exactly where you need speed in the system due to the long stretches between stations.
  • Permanence – We used to have a quasi-BRT system in North Fulton and ridership has always been low. Now, those lanes are car lanes during rush hour.
  • Track Record – There are only 5 true BRT systems in the U.S. and only one reaches silver (gold is the best) on the BRT Standard rating system. Do we really think we will build a world class bus system in a region that has stigmatized bus service for decades when no other North American city has been able to achieve that standard? 

We need to stop kidding ourselves. North Fulton needs rail transit. It is the best option even if it is the most expensive option. 

I urge you to hop over to the right side of the tracks and support MARTA rail expansion into North Fulton.

Support the Red Line… It’s About Time!