WTF Roswell?

I've been wondering a few things lately.. I'm just going to get this all out in one post.

Why don't we partner more with non-profits such as the Trust for Public Land & the PATH foundation?  We could make a lot of things happen a lot faster if we decided to partner with these organizations.  The PATH Foundation would be a great partner for the Rowell Loop and the TPL might have some interest in helping us add park land along the River.  I'm just sayin.

What in the world was the city doing redesigning the city green plan behind the scenes? This one really bugs me.  We have a plan.  It's a really good one.  There are almost 600 supporters of the plan.  

Why in the world is the city having an internal charrette to look at alternative designs?  The DDA hired JB+a to do conceptual design work.  These are the same guys that designed Suwanee's Town Center.  No offense to staff, but I think the JB+a guys have a pretty good track record at desiging urban parks.  

Why wouldn't the city get significantly more involved in the architecture of the new school?  They get into intricate nuances on irrelevant buildings but but the city seems to be indifferent when the largest building to be built in Roswell in the last 10-15 years comes along.  It's run of the mill architecure that looks just like a handful of other schools recently constructed or currently being built in Fulton County.  I'm shocked that we didn't even ask if we could get some different colors that might be more fitting for Roswell.  It's mind bottling.  

Why do we give business owners on Canton St shit when they want to add harmless accents to their shopfronts?  Seriously guys.  A couple tasteful shutters by an entrance, some colorful shade curtains.  I happen to love the Mac McGee paint job but man.. how did they get that done when people who have all but made Canton St what it is want to make small, inconsequential tweaks have to go through hell and then can't do what they want to do?

Why can't we figure out the HBR/400 SE quadrant?  Someone grow a pair and just call it what it is.  It is the most valuable piece of land in Roswell that is going to be developed at some point and guess what.. there will be traffic and tall buildings and transit and all of the things that those loud people over there just can't stand.  

Why do we have over 1300 dead ends or cul-de-sacs in our city?  Seriously... that's whole lot of cul-de-sac.  What it does is force essentially EVERY driver on to Holcomb Bridge Road.

WTF is up with Stormwater?  If we can't figure this out, we are going to see development really slow down in the historic district.

WHY.. WHY..  WHY.. can't we get the damn sidewalks between the square and City Hall fixed?  This is the heart of our city and the sidewalks along the main thoroughfare are abysmal.


Does anyone here not understand that Alpharetta is about to eat North Fulton's collective lunch?  Hey Milton, Johns Creek & Roswell..  Alpharetta is going to eat your lunch.  Just thought I'd let you know.

I bet you thought I'd gripe about road signs.. I'm resigned to the fact that our governments will continue to treat all citizens as if they are complete and utter imbeciles.  

There.. I've said it.  I can now get on with my life.