East Roswell Development Update

East Roswell has gotten a little busier lately.  A couple projects caught my eye as interesting.  They are both essentially at the Scott Rd intersection.  The first is the Centenniel Walk development that previously went bust in the mid aughts due to the great recession.  It has been resurreced by John Weiland Homes and is now slated to have 29 townhomes and 80 single family homes. I like this project because it is filling in an area that is prime for a walkable development.  It could use a little more mixed-use but will have a small retail component at the Eves Rd/HBR corner.

The second is a yet to be named subdivision that is just across HBR from Centenniel Walk.  The entrance will create a 4 way intersection at Scott Rd and it the new road will connect to 6 Branches Drive in Martins Landing.  This will create an additional connection and whittle just a little bit off the existing superblock.  This development will have 44 townhomes and 46 single family residences.  

Here's what that area could look like in a couple years.