The Most Dangerous Ditch in Roswell

I was headed out to eat in Milton this weekend and passed what must be the most dangerous ditch in all of Roswell or maybe even all of North Fulton for that matter.  The site is on Crabapple Rd just south of the intersection of Houze Rd on the east side of the road.  Here's a picture from Google images from last year.  

I would tell you to beware and to keep your hands at 10 & 2 when passing this perilous ditch.  However, there is no longer any need as we now have 6.. count 'em.. SIX road hazard signs along this ~100 yard stretch of road to protect those drivers who can't seem to stay on the road.  (do you really think drivers who are having trouble staying on the road are really paying attention to road signs?) 

Here's a shot of two of the freshly minted hazard preventers.  Just take notice how much better the streetscape looks and feels with these beauties now assaulting your optics.  

You can almost hit your side view mirrors on these stupid things they're so close to the road.  There must have been a rash of incidents where cars plowed off the road.  Do we really need these signs?  Are drivers going to pay more attention here because of these signs?  These liability signs are popping up everywhere and they are ruining our landscape.  They are insidious and sneak up on you... beware.  (but don't forget about that ditch. Its a doozie).

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