Stop the Madness: Race to the Bottom

I think there' s a little more room at the bottom of this sign pole for another sign but I'm not sure they could get any crappier than the one they added most recently.. 

With Roswell just being named the 13th safest city in Georgia, I'm not sure how to take all these signs that are popping up everywhere around our parks.  Maybe the signs are what keep us safe and if they are.. we will no doubt the the safest city in Georgia in no time as evidenced below...

Maybe we're not as safe as we think if our city feels the need to plaster the landscape of our parks with bright yellow signs warning that your valuables aren't safe in your car.  

At this point, I think we need a new sign that will pretty much cover everything for the city..



STOP THE MADNESS!!!  Stop cheapening our public realm with wholly unnecessary signs.


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