I noticed this sign heading west from Riverside Park along the walking and biking trail.  We must have a massive problem with motorized vehicles on the mixed-use path because this is a pretty big sign.  It's 2' by 2' and you can't miss it.  Does it really need to be that big?

The problem I have with it is twofold.. first, is it really necesary?  I'm not sure there's a motorized vehicle problem on the riverside trail and I doubt the problem is absent because of the signs.  It's absent because people inherently know that motorized vehicles don't belong on a riverside trail.  

If the sign is necessary, why not make it the same size as the truly unnecessary 'CAUTION BOARDWALK AHEAD' sign that's about 100 yards up the path.  This one is one quarter the size of the NO MOTOR VEHICLES sign and fits better into a park setting.

We really need to stop polluting our city with pointless signs, and if we must scar the scenery with metal signage, we should make an effort to reduce the impact on the visual landscape.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  Proceed with caution, there's a boardwalk ahead and this park closes at dark for YOUR safety. 

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