Extending the Riverside Trail Network

If you listened to Mayor Wood's recent State of the City address, you may have heard him briefly mention that there is money set aside to extend the riverside trail from its current terminus at Azalea and Willeo Road all the way down to the Chattahoochee Nature Center and beyond to the Cobb County line where it will join up with the Lower Roswell Road Trail. 

I've been to a couple meetings on this and am in complete favor of the extension.  Anything to build trail connectivty is a good effort in my book.  There are two main alternatives as well as a third which basically a combination of the two.  I'm in favor of the third which is the last in the series of images below taken from the environmental impact assessment prepared by the city in partnerhsip with the National Park Service.  

I'd love to see this extension with both alternatives and I think it will become a reality.  When you take into account the proposed pedestrian and bike bridge from Sandy Springs, work on the Roswell Loop, as well as the muti-use trails from the square to Willeo and from the square to Riverside/Azalea, we could see a major improvement in the trail network over the next 5 years.  Now, we just need neighboring subdivisions to connect to the  network and to see trail focused development along the network.