Behold.. College Park aka West Roswell Elementary

You may be getting tired of my posts and tweets on the new "West Roswell" Elementary school and if you are, I unapologetically offer you this post which is short on words and big on pictures.  At the 8/22 Fulton County Schools board meeting, it was decided that the model used for the currently under construction College Park Elementary will be the model for the "West Roswell" Elementary.  I was able to dig up images from the Fulton County Schools website.  

You be the judge but I think we can do better.  I am all for the new school and I think the site is appropriate (although unnecessarily large).  However, I am not for a cookie cutter design that has no architectural significance to the surroundings.  Here is what we can expect for the nearly $20,000,000 school.  I think the interior will be great.. but the exterior is BLAH!!

Just say NO to cookie cutter architecture for public buildings in Roswell!

images: Fulton County Schools