Stop the Madness: Two Unnecessary Signs

This one is driving me nuts.  Last year, the one way on Plum Street was reversed so that traffic could more easily flow off of Canton St.  That made sense to me.  But these signs don't.  First up, why do you need a one way sign where traffic enters a one way street?  There should be a one way sign at the end where cars exit to alert drivers that you can't turn into that street but putting one where you enter is just adding to the littany of signs cluttering our landscape. Hmmm...  So, the one way sign in this picture is completely unnecessary.  

Second, why in the world would you need a Do Not Enter sign here?  IF, in the off event a car did make it's way to that spot by going the wrong way down Plum St, they certainly SHOULD enter Canton St to get off of Plum St.  If there is an appropriate place for a Do Not Enter sign on a one way street, it would be at the point of entry,  not at the point of exit.  But, there would be no reason for a DNE sign at the entrance if there is already a one way street sign.  That would be redundant... but as we all know... there is no shortage of redundant signs on our roads.

Take these two signs down.  They are completly unnecessary.