More Restaurant & Retail Space Coming

The owners of Lucky's are looking to build some more space on the lot just to the north of them.  Currently there is an older house there and they plan to remove that and put up a new 6000 square foot building that will serve as restaurant and retail space.  One of the cool features is that they plan to connect it to the existing building that Lucky's is in with a covered pavilion.  The elevations below are posted on the city of Roswell's site and the plan was approved with conditions (not sure what they are) at tonight's Design Review Board meeting.

The building would sit perpindicular to Alpharetta Street similar to how the building that Thumbs Up Diner sits.  it looks like a nice space and is an improvement on what is there currently.  The slow move of progress up Alpharetta Street continues.

If anyone knows what might be planned for the space, please chime in.