Sign Overload: 4 Of A Kind!!!!

If you haven't noticed these suckers before, you will now and they will annoy the piss out of you.  They are now present on virtually every median you can see.  You will actually be surprised by how few medians actually don't have these signs.  Where do they come from?  Who the hell puts them up?  How much do they cost?

Given their prevalence on our roads, one would have to conclude that America has a serious median collision epidemic.  Unfortunately, I think the real epidemic we have is our severe lack of concern for the degradation of our environment and the lack of respect for our own collective common sense.

Behold the new American intersection decor...  Yes, this is four views of the four medians at the same intersection and yes, you are all morons because you obviously can't see the medians, trees, grass, flowers without the assistance of a sign to let you know that you will need to navigate around them.