Town Hall | Roswell - Developing Our Future

There is a really interesting event coming up this week here in Roswell. It’s put on by RoswellNEXT, a local non-Profit that I’m involved with.  We are focused on engaging young professionals, entrepreneurs and visionaries in an ongoing dialogue on how we can work together to improve Roswell.  Our signature event is Town Hall | Roswell and our kick-off is this Thursday, 2/28 at 7pm.  If you enjoy this blog, you will definitely enjoy this event.

Town Hall | Roswell is held every other month and each event focuses on a topic relevant in Roswell.  Each event will have a speaker or panel of speakers who will discuss that month’s topic.  We then follow up with a Q&A from a moderator and/or from the audience.  

This month’s topic is “Developing Our Future” and we are very fortunate to have an incredible panel.  Our speakers are:

  • Dave Schmit - Macauley + Schmit, Roswell Rotary, Roswell DDA, Roswell Comp Plan 2030 Chair, 2011 RBA Economic Development Award Winner
  • Steve Stroud - Executive Director Roswell Business Alliance, Stroud's Printing & Design
  • Steve Acenbrak - Director of Roswell Department of Transportation, Bike Roswell!
  • Lew Oliver - Whole Town Solutions, Vickery Village Town Architect, Two Time CNU Charter Award Winner

Event Details

  • Date & Time - 2/28 from 7pm - 10pm
  • Location - Roswell Historic Cottage, 972 Alpharetta St, Roswell, GA 30075
  • Cost - Tickets - Members - $5, Non-Members - $15, Drinks - $5

Come check it out if you are interested in learning more about Roswell and getting involved in helping build our city’s future.