Sign Overload: Parking & Trees & GDOT

I think this one speaks for itself.  I feel bad for those poor trucks that may be looking for their handy Truck Route sign.  You may not notice but there is also a nice big tree behind all that signage.  YES there is a gigantic tree literally inches from the roadway.  On a side note, the reason Roswell could not put big trees along the newly redone Midtown Streetscape on Alpharetta Hwy just north of the historic district is because GDOT standards say trees too close to the road are dangerous...  So, you can have a gigantic tree along hwy 9 here for at least 50 years but you can't put one along hwy 9 two miles up the road?  Also, take notice that the historic wayfinding sign is actually closer to the road than the tree.. You can tell that the sign has been clipped by a passing vehicle.  Safety First GDOT... and let's not forget to remove the redundant brown parking sign.