Roswell & North Fulton CID - Let's Get It On...

First up, a little history.  The North Fulton Community Improvement District has been around since 2003.  According to information from the NFCID, those 10 years have raised more than $15 million from commercial property owners which has helped bring $80 million in infrastructure projects to life.  Many of these have been beautification efforts and traffic congestion mitigation projects.  Think of the Windward/400 interchange and the triple left turn lanes from Mansell Road to North Point Parkway.

Although I appreciate their efforts, I haven't been too vocal about them on this blog for two reasons.  First, the projects that have been implemented have been almost exclusively focused on solutions for the car which I feel is a transportation solution that is (un)fairly represented in our area.  Second, and more important, almost all of the tangible initiatives to date have been in Alpharetta.  Here's a full list of completed projects.  Now, to be fair, the CID has contributed to the Sun Valley Connector Feasibility Study as well as to a North Fulton Commuter Shuttle Study, both of which I think are interesting concepts.  However, there isn't much evidence of NFCID involvement in Roswell to day.

Now, it's starting to look like the NFCID's involvement in Roswell is getting a little more serious.  They held an open house earlier this month to unveil their Blueprint 2.0 which will serve as the organization's guiding document through 2021.  I was pleasantly surprised to see several major Roswell projects on the list.  

The blueprint is divided up into a Work Plan which involves projects that the CID will likely tackle and Advocacy Projects which the CID will advocate for.  Here's a full list with items directly impacting Roswell in bold.

Work Plan

  • GA 400 Northbound Off-Ramp/Windward Parkway Phase 2
  • GA 400 Westside Greenway-Kimball Bridge-Webb Bridge
  • Warsaw & Mansell Intersection
  • Encore Parkway Future Transit Site
  • Old Milton Multi-Modal Improvements
  • Old Ellis Connector
  • McGinnis Ferry Access & Operational Improvements
  • Lakeside Parkway/Haynes Bridge Road Accel/Decal Lane
  • Windward Future Transit Site
  • Kimball Bridge Multi-Modal Improvements
  • GA 400 Westside Greenway - Big Creek Parkway to Kimball Bridge
  • Encore Parkway/North Point Parkway Internal Street Grid

Advocacy Projects

  • GA 400 Operational/Capacity Improvements
  • North Fulton Transit Extension
  • Holcomb Bridge Interchanges
  • Big Creek Bridge
  • Alpharetta Hwy/SR9 Operational & Aesthetic Improvements

There are definitely a lot of projets that will benefit mobility and connectivity in Roswell.  Here's the full Blueprint 2.0 document.

They also mapped out another group of projects that are classified as "Out of the District" but listed as Potential Future Projects or projects that are On the Radar.  This is where it gets really interesting for Roswell. Below, I've listed the projects on those lists that would impact Roswell.

Potential Future Projects

  • Big Creek Phase 3 (East of GA 400)
  • Big Creek Phase 4 (West of GA 400)
  • Old Alabama and Holcomb Woods Parkway Intersection
  • Old Alabama Operational Improvements & Holcomb Bridge

On the Radar

  • Hembree Road Operational Improvements
  • Old Roswell Road Operational Improvements
  • Old Roswell and Warsaw Intersection

Here's a pic from the NFCID's presentation that zooms in on the Roswell related "Out of District" projects.

Now, that's a lot of stuff.  There are projects and ideas on this list that I like and some that I don't like.  I can categorize them fairly easily.   

  • Like: Connecting Roads, More Greenways, Rail Transit, Bikepaths, Roundabouts  
  • Don't Like: Lane Additions, More Turn Lanes, Unnecessary Road Signs

That said, I think this is a solid plan for our area.  I support the North Fulton CID's efforts and I think Roswell should get more involved with them.


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