Even More Infill Development on Canton St?

Wow.. It's been busy around here lately especially in the historic district!  This week, I've posted on potential develipment at Providence, Canton Street Walk and at Woodstock Rd/Canton St.  But, I have yet another project to put out there.. 

This one is a fairly small infll of four townhomes at 1075 Canton St.  The townhomes would replace the old blacksmith shed that is located at the rear of the property behind the house that fronts Canton St.  The site plan was approved with conditions (unsure of those details) at the 9/10 Design Reveiw Board meeting.  Here's are a couple images to help you get your bearings.

I'm a big fan of this type of development.  Taking existing parcels in walkable areas and adding quality development without taking away from the historical quality of the street.  I'm just hoping the architecture is high quality.  I have no doubt that these will be pricey but the new residents will have easy access to the Fickle Pickle and Swallow at the Hollow which will help take the bite out of the price.