Canton Street Walk Resurrected - Sort Of

As we detailed in our previous post, Canton Street Walk was a victim of the Great Recession.  However, there was still some undeveloped property that was not acquired by Lehigh Homes when they purchased the land to build Providence.  That is a small parcel in the center of the property adjacent to the original Canton Street Walk buildings.  

The good news is that the parcel is likely to be built on soon which, along with Providence Phase 2, will virtually complete the development in that area.

The bad news is that it will eliminate what has become a de facto park for the residents of Providence.  That said, it seems that a good number of the residents of Providence understand that the complete buildout of their property will increase the vibrancy of the area.

Here are some images:

The new building will align with fronts facing west and rears facing east just south of the left most providence building. Someone will lose their parking spot.