Providence Phase 2 - More of a Good Thing

I've always been a fan of the brownstone development just off Canton Street behind where Nine Street Kitchen sits today.  In its first iteration, it was called Canton Street Walk (not to be confused with the new Canton City Walk apartments).  That development went belly up during the real estate bust and Lehigh Homes came in and build Providence.  

There was alwasy the intent to finish off the development by going further east and back to Webb Street and that plan will likely be realized in 2014.  The plan was approved recently by the Historic Preservation Commission.  The elevations below are on file with the city and illustrate what the additional buildings will look like.  Once it's all said and done, there will be four additional Providence townhome buildings and three single family residences along Webb St.

I love this development because it engages another street in the historic district and brings more residential in to complement the vibrant business and shopping district.  Will it bring some additional traffic?  Yes, but we're building a walkable community which will enable the people who live in and around the historic district to leave their car in the garage once they get home.

Here are the images:

Site plan showing four townhome buildings along the north side of Webb St and three single family homes along the east side.

Side view of townhomes stepping up Webb St from west to east.

Front an rear elevations of building 1

Side views of building 1