Grimes Produce... No More?

Although this plan may get changed a bit as the developer has pushed out their hearing before the Design Review Board to next month, I figured I'd post this to get it out there.  The parcels that are currently at 1207 and 1213 Canton Street are potentially going to be redeveloped.  That intersection, in my opionion, has some of the greatest potential in our historic district.  It is a unique spot that is the gateway to Canton Street for anyone coming from the north and west of Roswell.  It should set the tone for visitors. 

That is why it is important to get the buildings at that intersection right.  That said, I'm not sure this new building does that.  It could be worse but it could be a whole lot better.  Here's the front rendering that would face Canton St.


And this is what is there today from Google Street View.

The new building will sit where the two buildings on the right currently sit with roughly the same setback from the street.  There will be another slightly smaller (25% smaller) but similarly designed building that will sit behind the new building aligned perpindicularly.  I understand that the primary use of the new buildings will be office but I don't have many details.

There is one primary issue I have with this plan as is.

The building does not reduce the setback.  If you want to create more of the success that is found at the south end of Canton St, the setbacks must be reduced.  Buildings need to front streets to create appealing walkable environments.  I would suggest moving the new building 20 feet closer to Canton St and moving all front parking to the rear of the building.  In it's place, a patio with landscaping similar to the one in front of Sweet! would be appropriate.  

Aside from that, it looks good but not great and the use is probably appropriate for that spot but I'll hate to see Grimes Produce go if that is indeed what will occur.

I'll post more on this as I get details.  Please add to the comments if you have any additional details.