Stop the Madness: Pedestrian Xing Ahead

Now, I'm all for pedestrian safety.  But this is just overkill!  About 50 feet ahead of the crosswalk there is a sign indicating that there is a pedestrian crossing ahead.  Then, there are two signs at at the pedestrian crossing with little arrows to indicate that the pedestrians actually cross on the ground.  Not sure what to think if the arrows were aimed up.  Presumably, the 'ahead' sign is there because it is at the crest of a hill coming up Oak St to warn approaching cars that there is a pedestrian crossing under the assumption that cars wouldn't be able to see the two signs at the actual crosswalk.  

But, there is NO WAY a driver would miss the TWO signs that are actually at the crossing as evidenced by the second image which is a Google Street View from roughly 300 feet away.


Serously folks!  We need to chill with the unnecessary signs.  It's going to kill the charm we have in our public places.