Welcome to West Roswell... Where We Hate Pedestrians

I came across this sign today and it absolutely drove me crazy.  This spot is along highway 120 just west of the Coleman Rd traffic light on the north side of the highway at the entrance to Willeo Creek Apartments and Roswell Pointe condominiums.

First, as you probably know, I think we have too many redundant signs here in Roswell.  When you are in a lane that has a gigantic right arrow painted on it that ends after the intersection, do you really need a sign to tell you that the lane is a right turn only?  COME ON!

Next, you probably won't notice but there are at least 7 different signs in this photo: Right Lane Must Turn Right, No Walking on Grass, Do Not Enter (faces the other way), Stop, Divided Highway, Yield, No Outlet.

HOLY MOLY!!  This is sign overload.  Are we as a society so stupid that we need this kind of signage to keep us safe.  A driver can figure everything that is indicated in each one of those signs from context.  In my opinion, there are two necessary signs here.  The Stop sign and the Yield sign.  All others could and should go.

Those issues are both secondary however.  The sign that I have the biggest issue with though is the NO WALKING ON GRASS sign.  There are no sidewalks here but the intersection you are looking at serves as the only access point for Willeo Creek Apartments and Roswell Pointe condominiums.  It is less than a quarter mile walk from a Kroger, Starbucks, Texaco and multiple restaurants.  

It would probably be nice to walk over to those businesses every once in a while and I'm sure some people do.  In fact, I witnessed a forbiden pedestrian actually walk on that grass while I was there taking the picture above.  I was only there two minutes. 

What this No Walking on Grass sign (and ther are others on the property) is suggesting is that pedestrians either shouldn't walk here or they should take their chances on the road.  Whatever entity put this sign up, is implying that they care more about the look of their grass than they do about a human life.  

I have two requests:


  • First, the signs suggesting that people cannot walk on grass that abuts a major state road where sidewalks are not an option should be removed immediately.
  • Second, a sidewalk should be installed asap.


If you feel this is unwarranted or if you agree with me, please feel free to chime in in the comments.