Duany on the Next 30 Years

USA Today recently ran a piece on Andres Duany, City Living Will Be Like a Blast From the Past, where he dishes out his thoughts on what America can expect in the next 30 years.  There are some provocative thoughts in the article.  Here's one of them:

Despite urbanization, the old suburbia will endure. Duany estimates that at least 40% of homebuyers will favor big houses on big lots with a few cars.

"I had someone ask me, 'Why would I want to know my neighbor?'" Duany marvels. "Someone else said, 'No drive-thrus? Have you ever unstrapped a kid out of a car seat?'"

But as much they might like conventional suburbia, many people will not be able to afford it. So they'll try New Urbanism, Duany says, and they'll like it -- shorter commutes, more vital street life, less money wasted on gas and home heating and cooling.

"You have to work hard to support a conventional suburban lifestyle," he says. "People will be pleased by how much they'll be able to ease off."

They also asked him for insight on the five trends he sees in the next 30 years.  Here's what we can look forward to accroding to Duany.


  1. Urban Retrofit for Suburbia
  2. Gardner on the Roof
  3. Government Goes Hyper-Local
  4. Buildings that Look Cool and Safe
  5. Mormon Settlers as Models


Check out the article if those predictions intrigue you.