TIA2012 - Roswell Local Projects

As you may know, the TIA2012 or TSPLOST will return 15% of the total tax receipts back to local municipalities.  Roswell has been a little late to the party laying out it's project list.  Many municipalities aren't even producing a local list with the expectation that the tax will fail on July 31st.  Those elected officials obviously weren't Boy Scouts.  Roswell DOT presented our list to council at Monday night's city council meeting.

The great thing about our list is that it really focuses on pedestrian and bike resources.  It will improve overall safety and improve connectivity.  There are two groups of projects.  The first are signature projects and the second is 'potential projects' which fall into three main categories; sidewalks, complete streets, redevelopment connectivity.  Check them out below:

Signature Projects

  • Early Off Ramp from SR 400 NB to Market Boulevard
  • Holcomb Bridge Road Multi-Use Trail, Phase 2 (Steeplechase to HBMS)
  • Holcomb Bridge Road Multi-Use Trail, Phase 3 (HBMS to Nesbit Ferry)
  • Holcomb Bridge Road Multi-Use Trail, Phase 4 (Nesbit Ferry to Barnwell)
  • Holcomb Bridge Road Multi-Use Trail, Phase 5 (Barnwell to Gerrards Landing)
  • Eves Road Complete Street (Riverside to Eves Circle)
  • Eves Road Multi-Use Bridge over Holcomb Bridge Road (Eves Circle to Scott Road)
  • SR 120 Improvements (Trail Connection from Willeo Road to Square; Sidepath from Kroger to Just Friends)

Potential Projects List

  • Old Mountain Park Road (Cobb County to Mountain Park Road)
  • Select items from over 150 other projects on the Sidewalk Program Matrix
  • Hardscrabble Green Loop Phase 2 including Hardscrabble/King intersection (Target/SR 92 area to King Road)
  • Any Roswell Loop-related project
  • Oxbo Road ROW and/or CST
  • Sun Valley Road Phases 1, 2 and/or 3 ROW and/or CST
  • Over 200 other projects on the Connectivity Program List

VOTE YES on July 31st, 2012

Vote No on August 1st, 2012