TIA/TSPLOST and Historic Gateway Planning Meetings

This week, there are two important meetings going on at City Hall that I encourage everyone to attend.  I may not depending on when the stork arrives at my house. 

On Monday, 5/21, starting at 5:30pm in the rotunda at City Hall, there will be a discussion of the upcoming TSPLOST Transportation Tax vote.  Attendees will hear from representatives from all sides of the spectrum.  Here is the list: Roswell Department of Transportation (RDOT), the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), the Council for Quality Growth (CQG), the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce (NFCOC), Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network (MAVEN), Citizens for Transportation Mobility (CTM), the local grassroots Tea Party, and the Transportation Leadership Coalition (TLC).  Roswell has several horses in this race and residents should get informed asap.  That leads us to the next meeting.

On Wednesday, 5/23, starting at 6:00pm in council chambers at City Hall, Scott Ball, Senior Project Manager with from DPZ, will be presenting DPZ's completed work.  Attendees will see the Cultural Resources Study, Summary Report, Detailed Special Projects, and Design Standards.  The Historic Gateway Master Plan is intended to work in conjunction with the Historic Gateway Transportation Plan which is one of the projects that could be funded if the TSPLOST passes in July.

Please consider attending these meetings, educate yourself and voice your opinion.