New Canton Street - Mill Village Neighborhood - DPZ Concept

This concept is the next in a great series of ideas that DPZ has brought to the table to revitalize our historic district.  The idea here is a vision of what a new back street that runs parallel to Atlanta Street from Oxbo to Mill St could look like.  This land is unique in that it is owned by relatively few owners who would all likely be open to redevelopment and in its beautiful natural slopes.  

The idea behind this concept originated in the fact that building up to hwy 9 in this spot is never going to really achieve the desired effect of creating a special place with great business.  The reasoning behind this is that the other side of the street isn't going to be built up.  This creates a lopsided feel that just doesn't work right and any businesses that would eventually go there would suffer. Additionally, the traffic along hwy 9 is never going to get any better.  Thus, there was the option of doing nothing or find an alternative.

This back street concept achieves multiple objectives; creating a retail anchor for me mill village, creating a truly unique visual experience that is appropriate for that area and allowing automobile traffic on hwy 9 to continue its flow unimpeded.  This concept also gives life to the boutique hotel concept by creating a true reason for it to be there.  Additionally, it will activate our square and bring more people closer to our cultural and natural amenities.

Check out the slideshow for additional commentary.

You can use the controls on the presentation viewer to move through the slides or just let it switch through automatically. I would suggest you enlarge this one to full screen as the images are detailed. Again, any writing on these was added by me and is not part of the original DPZ presentation.

All images provided courtesy of Duany Plater-Zyberk