Southern Neighborhood Center - DPZ Concept

This slideshow takes a look at the southern neighborhood center concept. This one is the most up in the air at the moment due to some last minute changes in thought on the one-way pair. Essentially, Mr. Duany did not like it at first. He also heard opposition from several of the condo owners at the kickoff presentation at City Hall. In that discussion, he stated that the only reason the Creek View Condos should support the one-way pair is if they receive first rate urbanism in return for the state route moving closer to their property. He asked that they consider it and get back to him.

In the meantime, the DPZ staff planned the corridor as if the one-way pair would not work. So, what you see in the slideshow is a proposal based on the current path that South Atlanta currently follows. It would be widened to two lanes in each direction with a service lane separated by landscaping in each direction with parking. This would create a wide boulevard type feel that would be similar to a Parisian boulevard where the fast (through) traffic in the center is separated from the local traffic on the service lanes.

In this concept, the entire corridor would receive a facelift. The older buildings would be replaced with newer buildings that would serve as retail, office and residential. I do believe Mr. Duany warmed to the one-way pair idea after seeing sketches by Mickey O'Brien of URS at the Historic Gateway Transportation Advisory Group meeting last Thursday evening (see those sketches here on slide 13). So, the DPZ concepts could change a litte bit between now and the final presentation. Additionally, there is a lot of undeveloped land on the north of 9 behind the conceptual buildings that he said could easily develop over time into additional pieces of the neighborhood even if the DPZ plan were the community's preferred alternative.

You can use the controls on the presentation viewer to move through the slides or just let it switch through automatically. I would suggest you enlarge this one to full screen as the images are detailed. Again, any writing on these was added by me and is not part of the original DPZ presentation. Our next posts will examine each of these three areas in more detail.

All images provided courtesy of Duany Plater-Zyberk