Roswell's First Food Truck Rodeo (technically)

Roswell passed its first Food Truck ordinance earlier this week opening the city up for business to Food Trucks. So, this seems like as good of a way to introduce Food Trucks to Roswell as any to introduce them to Roswell but it's at Harry's Farmer's Market Alpharetta with a Roswell address.  So, technically it's in Roswell but by address only?  Anyway, we can ponder that another time.

This weekend's Food Truck Rodeo (much tastier than a goat rodeo) will be held in their parking lot this Saturday, March 17th to celebrate Thompson Farms receiving the first ever 5+ rating on the Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Rating System.  Each truck will be featuring a menu item cooked with food from Thompson Farms.   This should be tasty.

ht: Lee @ RootsInAlpharetta