Thought of the Week: On Groveway Form Based Code

If the City is striving for Urban Ecology, then it should strive to create a human scaled streetscape and sense of place.  You can still be progressive without sacrificing the small town village vibe.  Call it nostalgia with an edge.  Great design cannot be distilled to a bucketful of rules and numbers only.  The City needs to think in terms of the contextual cohesiveness of Charleston or Annapolis, not Atlantic Station.  Well illustrated and designed guidelines as well as incentives to control utilities will assist the city of Roswell, stakeholders, and developers achieve a specific district or neighborhood feel that reflects the very wonderful essence of Roswell.

Couldn't have said it better myself.  This was excerpted from an independent Review of the Groveway code that has been presented to the City Council by Community Concepts of Marietta, Studio 4 Design of Knoxville and Chapman, Coyle, Chapman of Marietta.  They do feel that this is a good first step. The problems they outline are mostly of a design nature and the document not being detailed enough.  The document is 24 pages with several illustrations and images.  I believe, at this point, that the council will send the code back tomorrow night for some additional tinkering.