Historic Roswell's Top 31 Recap

Here's a recap of our top 31 of Historic Roswell rankings.  We did take our own liberties with the #1 spot but what the heck, it's our blog.  The rest of the top 31 we feel are legitimately chosen and ranked.  There is defintiely some room for argument in how they are ordered and I'm sure some things are missing from the list. If you have any comments, please let us know.  Happy New Year!

  1. My Patio
  2. Our Restaurant Scene
  3. Canton Street
  4. Our Festivals and Events
  5. The Covered Bridge
  6. The Chattahoochee National Recreation Area and Vickery Creek Park
  7. Alive After Five
  8. The Bricks
  9. The Mill
  10. Our Monuments and Historical Markers
  11. The Roundabout
  12. Bulloch Hall
  13. Our City Hall
  14. The Art Galleries
  15. Sloan Street Park
  16. Go With the Flow
  17. Barrington Hall
  18. Roswell Provisions
  19. Our Wayfinding and Lights
  20. The Red Door Playhouse
  21. The Primrose Cottage
  22. The Smith Plantation
  23. Oak Street
  24. Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Shop
  25. The Farmer's Market
  26. The Midtown Streetscape Project
  27. The Historic Roswell Fire Station
  28. Our Churches
  29. Soda Salon
  30. Roswell Ghost Tours
  31. Our Brick Sidewalks