You Spin Me Right Round...

The inside word is that the Grimes Bridge|Norcross St roundabout has been an incredible success in the roughly four months it has been open.  I was curious about the crash record of the new roundabout and learned that since it opened, there had been ZERO wrecks until just earlier this week when there was a fender bender involving a car in the round about hitting a car exiting the roundabout that was forced to stop behind a truck schoolbus that was stopped outside the roundabout.  

Is that really a roundabout related crash?  Who knows?  Let's just say it is.  That means one crash has occurred in four months.  That intersection was previously one of Roswell's most crash prone and if I am not mistaken was the most crash prone intersection that did not involve an arterial highway.  The annual crash total was in the mid thirties.  We can safely say that the crash rate at that intersection has been cut by ~90% at this point in it's life.  WOW!

Additionally, I've taken this route several times at rush hour and many times throughout the day.  The reduction in wait times has been amazing.  Double WOW! 

Kudos Roswell on a well thought out and well designed solution to what was a dangerous intersection.  There are other roundabouts planned in Roswell and North Fulton and we can only hope they have the same success as this one.