Watch & Learn: Can Removing Traffic Signs Increase Safety?

Readers, watch out! You might think I'm a little crazy here but at least check out the video. I've been having more and more issues with road signs lately. I think it has to do with my belief that our roads are oversigned. You could spend more time reading the signs on the sides of our roads in some places than you actually spend paying attention to the road you are driving on.

No, you might think this is a safety issue but I'm not sure that it is. There have been numerous studies showing that removing signs altogether may actually increase safety due to drivers becoming more aware of their surroundings. Here's a link.

Now check out the video and see a 'shared space' in action.

Now, do I think we could get away with something like this in Roswell? I'm not sure but I think there may be some areas where it could work like the southern end of Canton Street and the new Round About at Norcross St and Grimes Bridge. I'll leave you with this example of over signing.