#22... The Smith Plantation

Why We Love It..

The Smith Plantation is an excellent example of adaptive reuse.  It was built around 1845 and was an actual home until 1994.  The city bought the property in 1985 and allowed the final owner to live there until her death in 1994.  Tours began in 1992.  The conversion to a public asset helps preserve the history of our city for all and reminds everyone of a bygone time in this area.  It's really a beautiful example of a southern plantation house.

What We Don't Love..

There's not much not to like.  If we had to say anything, it would be that it's really difficult to see.  I guess you have to get out of your car or off the sidewalk but there really isn't any good way to get a glimpse of the front of the building without entering from the City Hall parking lot or from the sidewalk on Atlanta Street.