#27... Historic Roswell Fire Station

Why We Love It..

You might not pay too much attention to this fire station but we sure do.  There are three primary reasons that we love our fire station.  First, the location is fantastic.  It is situated right next to a number of our city's most important cultural assets which ensures that they are as safe as they can be from a response time perspective.  It is also positioned along the main artery of the historic district ensuring that most people who drive by get a glimpse of it.  Which leads us to our next reason.  

The design of this station is great.  It blends in well with the historic district and does not scream "HEY I'M A FIRE STATION" at you as you walk, ride or drive by. There is a reason for that.. It was originally a Chevrolet dealership.  Which brings us to the last reason we love it...

The adaptive reuse of an older building is not only inherently environmentally friendly but it enabled a mix of uses for the building.  The old showroom for the Chevy dealership now serves as a small fire museum.  

What We Would Change...

There's not much to change.  The FD is great and the building works well with the surrounding built environment.  We might make it a little more well known that there is a small Fire Museum in the building.

image: Google StreetView