#9... The Mill

Why We Love It..

This building is a great example of adaptive reuse here in Roswell.  It was obviously a mill at one time and operated as one until the 1970's.  Currently it is shared office and event space and seems to do well in both ways.  Living above the mill, it is apparent that the events facilities are well used with weddings almost every weekend during the summer months and holiday parties and proms during other times of year.  Several companies occupy the office space.  The building would be great to work in.

The current owners do a great job preserving it as an artifact of the community and although it is a relic, modifying it is not off limits.  There always seems to be some small project going on with it and it always ends up looking like it was an original part of the building when it's done.  All in all, it's a really cool building in a beautiful location that is one of the main reasons that our town exists today.

What We Would Change..

We would figure out a way to get more people down to see it.  It's down the hill from Hwy 9 and not very visible unless you actually make a side trip to see it.  A periodic tour of the building would be nice.  I haven't seen or heard of any of those.  Also, the area in the back of the building between the building an Vickery Creek is a service drive but its an eyesore.  The space could be so much more including picnic tables or benches to enjoy the view and sounds.  There have been restaurants there before that did not work out but if done right I think one could work.  There's enough traffic at the park (photographers alone) to support a small snack shop.