#8... The Bricks

image: Flickr - www78Why We Love It..

This is yet another excellent example of historic preservation and adaptive reuse in our neighborhood.  The original buildings are 160+ years old.  The charm and character that the Bricks exudes is hard to quantify.  It really captures most of what we are about at NUR.  It proves that density can be done tastefully while still affording a significant amount of privacy to the residents and not negatively impact the neighborhood.  In fact, the neighborhood is better off because of the increased density which is the case in virtually all the places where tasteful density is added.  

Many small details in the buildings are actually upcycled from the original buildings.  The doors are made from the old floors.  Some of the old shingles became backsplashes.  The little things matter when you're making a place and the Bricks do just that.

What We Would Change..

There's really not much to change.  These places are top notch in every way.