#6... The Chattahoochee National Recreation Area & Vickery Creek Park

Why We Love It..

First, It's my backyard and I don't have to mow it.  Second, it might just be the most picturesque park area in the entire metro area.  The park allows our entire city and region to get out and enjoy the outdoors while not having to leave the metro area.  Here's a quick list of what we like:


  • The 10+ Miles of Trails. Hiking and running on them
  • Vickery Creek
  • The Waterfall
  • The Sound of Water Rushing


What We Would Change...

Kudzu and Poison Ivy.. We'd get rid of 'em.  They stink.  Photographers...  There are too many of them.  The covered bridge is a huge draw for engagement photos, wedding photos, christmas photos, etc.  It can be difficult to just go hang out and enjoy the scenery for fear that you'll have to move to get out of a picture or that some photographer will lay claim to a certain spot that generally is the most picturesque spot.  These aren't just casual point an clicks.. these are set-ups with the whole shabang of photo equipment which take 5-10 minutes at a time.  But, I'm guilty of it too.  It's just too darn picturesque.  

Figure out a way to get the wastewater pipes somewhere else.  That's a toughie though.