#14... The Art Galleries

Why We Love Them...

What's not to love about good art in your neighborhood?  Strolling down Canton Street and dropping into the galleries is a great experience even if you're not planning on buying anything.  It's just nice to see great art and talk to people about it.  They recently brought back the Art Walk this past October and it seemed to be a big hit.  It was successful because Roswell has one of the highest concentrations of quality galleries outside the perimeter.  There is a great range good quality art ranging from affordable to very expensive.  

What We Would Change...

Honestly, I probably haven't looked hard enough but I'd really like to see one of the galleries feature Roswell themed art.  I'm not talking about local Roswell artists.  There are a number of those.  I'm talking about art that depicts Roswell and our beautiful city. You can find something related to Roswell every once in a while but it can be challenging.  We have a lot of picturesque places here in Roswell that are waiting for an artist to memorialize.  One last thing.. there are a couple of galleries that have just horrendous awnings along Canton Street.  I'm sure there's some crappy code that has to be adhered to as far as awnings and signage are concerned but they just look tacky and hastily done when you look at the rest of the historic district.

Here's a list of some of our galleries:

Ann Jackson Gallery

Taylor Kinzel Gallery

Raiford Gallery

Timothy Michael Gallery

Ford Smith Fine Art

Koko Gallery

Peter Brandi Gallery

The Painted Monkey

Lola Art Gallery

image: JWHomes.com