#13... Our City Hall

Why We Love It..

It is a beautiful building on a great site that adds character to our community.  Compare our city hall to many of the other suburban city halls around the Atlanta region (Milton) and you'll see just how special ours is.  It tells you that we care about our city and what we make of it.  The grounds are excellent with beautiful landscaping and monuments to our heritage. The pathways that connect to other cultural facilities in and around the municipal complex are great.  The building is centrally located and makes it easy for most of our citizens to get to (by car).

What We Would Change...

Well, you can't change much at this point.  The biggest problem I have with our city hall is the way it is positioned on the site.  It is inward looking and turns it's back to the rest of the community just like much of the development in the last 50 years does.  It says, 'I'm city hall and I'm too good to look out at the city.. you'll have to come to me to see me.'  It's not in a very walkable location with most of the residents of our city needing a car to access their City Hall.  That's a product of where we live rather than how it's sited though.  Still, they could have done a better job.  The steps should face out to the community.  Instead, during the winter (you can't see anything in the summer), we get to see the ass end of the building as we walk or drive by on Atlanta Street.