#12... Bulloch Hall

Why We Love It..

Bulloch hall is simply put, Gorgeous.  It is a true historic gem in Roswell.  Walking on to the grounds, it's as if you were immediately taken back to the 1850's.  The restoration and upkeep of this building are phenomenal.  Another neat thing that we love about it is that it serves as a terminating vista on Bulloch Lane.   The terminating Vista is a lost art in city design and this is a fantastic example of one and unfortunately not enough people see it.

What We Would Change..

More people should see it.  This change isn't so much to Bulloch Hall itself though.  We would like to see a road off of 120 going north in front of Bulloch Hall just where Bulloch Lane ends. It would run directly perpendicular to Bulloch Lane and turn east to Mimosa around where the Baptist church.  We would also finish the sidewalks from the square down to Bulloch Hall.  Of our three historic homes, two have terrible pedestrian approaches.