#11... The Roundabout

Why We Love It..

We've written on the roundabout at Grimes Bridge and Warsaw Rd previously and you could probably tell from that post that we are fans.  Now, it is not technically in the historic district but it has really been a game changer in the way many people in Roswell think and feel about roundabouts.  Given its success, better safety and traffic flow, the city is now considering a number of other roundabout solutions and there are talks of some on hwy 9 in the historic district. It is a transformative project that will impact Roswell for years to come.  All in all, there's not much not to like about this project.  

What We Would Change..

We'd build more of them.. they make total sense from a traffic flow, safety and environmental standpoint.  We would also ensure that either public art or large native trees are requirements for the center of roundabouts.  That would serve to increase the number of terminating vistas in the city with very little effort.