#29... Soda Salon

Why We Love It...

This one's for the ladies..  Soda Salon is one of the truly great salons in Roswell. The atmosphere inside and out is excellent.  The staff seems to be rock solid.  Sure there are other great salons in Roswell but none really help contribute to the overall built environment as well.  Located in the original commercial center of Roswell across the street from the historic town square, the building is a great example of what we need more of in Roswell and the rest of the burbs.

The picture says a lot.  The interior is top notch combining the salon atmosphere with a quality art gallery as well.  Then looking out, you see the square across the street.  This pic just happened to be during Christmas so the square had all the lights up.  

What We Don't Love It...

Wow it's expensive! But, I'm a guy and don't understand these things and I do believe that you get what you pay for. Beyond that, there isn't much not to like.

image: Atlanta.CitySearch.com