#30... Roswell Ghost Tours

What We Love..

Up front, we have to disclose that this might not be a fair spot in our list as we have not yet taken the Roswell Ghost Tour.  However, I do feel that I have been on the tour as they are often going on as I'm taking my dogs for their nighttime walk.  They are often crowded and they seem to get good reviews.  

The fact that the tour engages our historic district and brings a number of people to our neighborhood for a different reason than the norm is definitely in line with what we try to do at NUR which is give a different perspective.  It allows visitors to experience a walkable environment in a real neighborhood, not a subdivision, in the burbs of Atlanta.  There are only a few other areas in the northern suburbs that are comparable and most of them don't have the history that allows for a creative tour like this one.

What We Would Do Next..

Actually take the tour.. I can't believe we haven't done it yet... well except that the Mrs. is scared of ghosts and she doesn't want to know about the ones that live right down the street.  Spooky!

image: AJC