#16... Go With The Flow

Why We Love It...

It symbolizes what Roswell's all about... successful small town retail in the heart of our historic district focused on an outdoorsy lifestyle. They've been around since 1983 which shows that the business is an anchor in the community.  It's much more than just paddling with lifestyle gear and actually they probably have some of the best Roswell themed t-shirts around.  

What We Would Change..

As we're getting higher and higher on our list, there are fewer and fewer things that we'd change.  I'd really like to see them start offering lessons though.  You can find people who give lessons in and around Roswell but I'd guess a partnership with GWTF would be a boon to anyone giving lessons.  I know that might not be in their business model but novice kayakers need a place to start and why not say you started at Go With the Flow?  Oh yeah, I'm not running the business and I'm sure they have their reasons but I'd suggest that they keep the shop open during Alive After Five events.  I'm sure the crowds would be a pain in the neck though.