#18... Roswell Provisions

Why We Love It..

The Canton Street section of Historic Roswell has needed a non-restaurant congregation spot for a while and Roswell Provisions has filled the void.  The store itself is charming and well thought out.  You can get a number of different items for your daily needs.  They have a small selection of locally grown organic veggies and fruits.  Their dairy selection is all local (albeit expensive) and they have a fantastic selection of sausage, cheese and wine.  They have cupcakes from Kelly Cakes and fresh artisan breads.  You can sit inside or outside and enjoy the ambiance of the heart of historic Canton Street.  

The owners took an old underused space in the historic district and turned it into one of the most trafficked shops.  It's obviously hit an underserved segment in our neighborhood.

What We Would Change..

Price..  The store is obviously catering to the upscale buyer but man, it's pricey.  You get what you pay for though.  Everything that I've seen there is high quality and tasteful.