#19... Our Wayfinding and Lights

Why We Love It...

Wayfinding systems are a critical element to any town or city that has frequent visitors, for obvious reasons.  The city has really added to the legitimacy of Historic Roswell as a regional destination by adding these signs.  It even adds a little fun to the experience for residents.  We all know where our landmarks are but the signs serve as a constant reminder that we live in a unique place.  

The lighting just adds to the charm.  The fact that the two complement eachother is a critical element to their design.  There are even wayfinding posts that are combined with a light post.  I'm sure you've seen them.  How efficient is that!  

The new information kiosks at that Square and Park on Canton Street are going to further add to the experience.  Six months ago on a trip to Seaside, I commented to my wife that Roswell needed to have kiosks and within weeks, they had magically appeared in Historic Roswell.  That was a truly welcome surprise.  Now, we just need to put something up on them as empty information kiosks don't add much value.

What We Would Change...

Not much.  The design matches the neighborhood well.  However, some of the signs don't have everything they should... as you can probably see in the first picture.  Only three of the four panels are being used.  However, if you continue up the road about 100 yards past the Bricks on the right, Sloan Street Park is on the right.  It might not be historic but it is a nice neighborhood amenity that is worthy of recognition by our wayfinding signs.  As mentioned above, we could also put a rush on getting something on the information kiosks.