#21... The Primrose Cottage

Why We Love It...

The Primrose Cottage is another excellent example of adaptive reuse in our historic district.  We could probably fill up our list of 31 solely with historic homes or buildings that have been put to a different use than their original purpose.  However, that wouldn't be as much fun.

The Primrose Cottage is simply gorgeous.  The building really adds to the charm of the historic district.  Even if it is a private events facility.  The building doesn't come right up to the street but it has a fantastic front lawn that draws you to the building.  And really makes you think that you might be in a different time.  Contrary to the Smith Plantation, Primrose adds to the look and feel of the neighborhood by addressing the street.

What We Would Change...

Since it is almost exclusively an events space, it is rare that an average person who isn't invited to an event gets an opportunity to check it out.  I'd make it more accessible to the public by holding semi-annual or annual pubic events that allow Roswell to enjoy this fantastic piece of Roswell history.  Other than that, it's a great piece of Historic Roswell.

image: OccasionsOnline.com