Update from The Cone Zone

I check the Cone Zone update on the Roswell city website at least once a month to get an update on what is going on with transportation projects around town.  I was really excited to see an update to the upcoming project list this month that gives more detail on the sidewalk improvements that are on tap for the area around the square.  Here's what the site says...

SR 9/Atlanta Street at SR 120/Marietta Highway - This project, slated to begin in January 2012, will make several improvements at the intersection of SR 9 and SR 120 at the Historic Square:  1.  the project will modify the turning radius from SR 9 southbound to SR 120 westbound to prevent large trucks from hitting and damaging the wall at the Historic Square; 2.  the outside receiving lane on SR 120 westbound will be turned into a truck apron to give drivers passive guidance to turn deeper and avoid striking the wall.  In addition, this improvement will force turning traffic to yield rather than allowing unsafe free-flow turning movements; 3.  brick paver sidewalks will be added along the Barrington Hall wall along SR 120 and SR 9 and along the north side of SR 120 to Bulloch Hall connecting to existing sidewalks; 4.  the crosswalks at the intersection will be upgraded to improve pedestrian connectivity in and around the Historic Square; and, 5.  the traffic signals will be placed on mast arm poles (similar to SR 9/Sloan Street) to improve the aesthetics in the Historic Square area.

The addition of sidewalks along 120 down to Bulloch Hall will be excellent along with the sidewalks around Barrington Hall.  The mast arm poles replacing the wired traffic lights should be nice as well.

Now, let's hope that we can encourage some more viable businesses to locate around the square.