Just How Big is the Spill?

I grew up on the gulf coast in Biloxi and Pensacola and know just how beautiful the sandy beaches and blue waters of the gulf can be. It pains me to see this oil spill destroying such a beautiful part of our country. I hope this will serve as a wake up call for many that we need to quickly work toward increasing the share of alternative forms of fuel in our transportation fleet. Additionally, I hope this will encourage less sprawl oriented development around our country. I have been skeptical of the 'official' reports of the flow rate since day one so I started looking around a little bit for other estimates. Some of them are downright scary and by all means catastrophic. I found this widget on the web and thought I'd post it. Not everyone in Roswell or Atlanta has a direct connection to the gulf but if you eat seafood, you will soon find out just how big your connection is. We sure do hope that BPs efforts tomorrow to plug this leak work.