New Urban Roswell Update

We're starting something new this week.  Our weekly post will take on a similar format as our old Peach Bites posts.  We will round up news related to new urbanism, smart growth and in some cases, green living from Roswell, Atlanta and beyond.  We are going through a backlog of news stories that we have accumulated over the past several months so please bear with us while we catch up.


One large item to report here in Roswell from earlier this month is the groundbreaking of the midtown streetscape improvement project.  We haven't seen anything of note just yet but we can't wait to see the finished product in a year or so.

Sandy Springs, Roswell Eyeing New Bridge

This would be a big win for both communities. I'm hoping that Sandy Springs will kick in their half as their community will benefit from the bridge.

Roswell OKs Barrington Hall Stairway

I live in the mill neighborhood and see Barrington Hall every day. This will be a great addition to that well traveled intersection. It will bring more attention to the historic building and hopefully it will result in the city putting in sidewalks along the west side of 9 and the south side of 120 so that pedestrians will actually be able to get to the stairs.



There have been a few stories of note recently in Atlanta.  It's exciting that virtually all potential development these days has some sort of new urbanist, smart growth or TOD characteristics.  

GM Plant in Doraville Becomes Mixed Use Development - Atlanta Real Estate Forum

This could be huge. I'd wouldn't be surprised if it becomes something similar to an Atlantic Station on the north side of the city. One thing that makes it even better is the easy accessibility to MARTA. This is a great opportunity to showcase new urbanism concepts on a large scale in a part of the city where people will take notice. What a relief that a stadium isn't going in here.

Atlanta startup, Ridecell, on the move - Atlanta Business Chronicle:

Just another great way to use your mobile phone. Now if MARTA could just do something to entice regular people to ride the bus.


CDC: People in sunny states happiest, New York least -

I find it interesting that all of our neighboring states can be ranked so highly while we're coming in at 19. Florida #3, Tennessee #4, Alabama #9 and SC higher than us. What does that say about life in Atlanta?

Georgia Cities Vie for Google -

This would certainly be an interesting move by Google. Three Georgia cities are in the running; Decatur, Savannah and Peachtree City. Wishful thinking that Roswell would be one of those three. I'm actually surprised that one of the North Fulton cities isn't in the running given the money that resides in the area.

Inspired Ethonomics: Portland, a Global Model of Transit-Oriented Development - Fast Company

I love the quick hit on TOD in this article. The point that you never want to design a city for one type of person is very important. You want young people, families and retirees of all ethnic backgrounds to be able to live in your community. A diverse community, just like a diverse ecosystem, is a healthy one.



Alive After Five- 4/15 - This year's Alive After Five season kicks off on tax day.  

Dogwood Festival - 4/16 - 4/18 - The annual Dogwood Festival will be held in Piedmont Park.  This one is always a safe bet for a good time and you can appreciate Atlanta's largest park.

Inman Park Festival - 4/24 - 4/25 - The Inman Park Festival is Atlanta's largest festival.  We love this festival for many reasons but the fact that it is in the beautiful walkable neighborhood of Inman Park is probably the number one reason.  Inman Park is one of the few neighborhoods in Atlanta that exhibits many of New Urbanist characteristics.  Be sure to take MARTA if you go.   

Go Wild in Roswell - 5/20 - 6/6 - This is a citywide celebration of nature that will feature different events on different days.  Check out the link for details.

Atlanta Streets Alive - 5/23 - This one is still a little while away but it is a really interesting concept.