Air, Mortgages, Commutes and Apple

Here is our first installment of the Atlanta Rankings Project.  We are working to compile as many rankings of cities in the metro area as possible.  We will begin tracking this on another section of our website.  Until then, look for periodic updates on the New Urban Roswell blog.  


The state of Georgia ranked 9th in the nation for mortgage fraud and misrepresentation in 2009.  We're heading in the right direction though.  Our previous rankings were 5, 6 & 8 in '06, '07 & '08 respectively.

Forbes annual ranking of the best cities for business puts Atlanta at #27.  This is down from a #6 ranking in 2009.  One very bright spot was our #6 ranking for colleges.  Another was the #25 ranking for potential economic growth.

Atlanta weighs in as having the fourth worst commute times out of the top 52 metro areas in the US.

Forbes has Atlanta as the nation's second most wired city.  We love our internet.


Atlanta makes it to #19 in the American Lung Association's annual rankings of cities with the most ozone pollution.  


Peachtree City named one of the top 100 places to live in America by RelocateAmerica.

Georgians 46th in spending.  You wouldn't be able to tell by how packed he mall and restaurants are.  I guess other parts of the state balance out all of the hyper consumers here in Atlanta.


Well, it looks like Atlanta doesn't have a man card. has left our great city off the list of the top 29 Manliest Cities. I can live with being #30...

I guess It's now time to start ranking cities on how Apple friendly they are.  Atlanta comes in at 22.