Build the Boutique Hotel on the Square

 This is the fifth post in a series of posts this December that will chronicle the 25 things we would most like to see in Roswell. None of these are actually happening... at least in the way we'd like them to. Please enjoy and have a happy holidays!

I have to say that I think this is one of the best ideas out there for revitalization in the heart of Roswell and not just because I live about 300 feet away from the proposed location.  It was approved in mid-2008 but due to the economy, it never got off the ground.  It's a beautifully designed property that could be a game changer in Roswell.

The local synergies that would be realized if this were to come to fruition would be incredible.  They would come in the form or a more coherent location for our special events lodging.  There are weddings, proms, holiday parties and all kinds of other events that go on right in the heart of Roswell every weekend but the only lodging is out by 400.  The ability for hotel guests to walk to our destinations and to events would be great.  Not to mention, this project would give them the ability to enjoy our beautiful heritage and scenery instead of bunking at a chain hotel next to the freeway.

From an urbanism standpoint, it would help complete the square which badly needs to tighten up its sense of enclosure.  If you've been to both Marietta's square and our square, you'll know what I mean.

The price tag on this project was put at about $70M back around 2008 which is hefty.  To put it into perspective, that is roughly equivalent to the price of the Atlanta Streetcar.  So, I don't think this one is going to happen anytime soon.  But, I do hope the idea stays out there.


images: TalMar Development